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Top 5 Apps to help you stay fit and lose weight

Our smartphones have become indispensable in our everyday lives and in this article, we will tell you about the top 5 Apps that will help you live a healthier, happier and fitter life.

Starting from workout tracking apps, pedometers to sleep cycle apps, the play store has everything to keep you fit and even help you lose weight.

These apps collect data from our phone through sensors and present the same to us in a simple way so that we can gain muscles or lose extra fat.

It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or exercise in the park or at home, these apps have it all and will help you in your fitness journey.Note that the following apps are not in an order of preference.

Best Weight Loss Apps Free 2020

Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker

Runtastic is a fantastic fitness tracking app for those who like exercising daily. It uses your phone’s GPS to track how much you run, jog or bike and your routes. Using this data, it presents you with detailed but easy to understand charts and graphs with which you can track your progress.

Runtastic can also be used with common gym equipment like treadmills or while cross-training. You can set specific goals and targets and Runtastic also provides you with voice coaching and even cheering! This app is your personal trainer and cheerleader all in one smart package.

The app is compatible with Android wear and you can share your progress on social media like Facebook and Twitter instantly.
It is free with ads and also contains some in-app purchases.
You can download it here-

Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

The Google Fit app is made by you guessed it, Google and it lives up to the formidable reputation of it’s creators. The app makes use of sensors in your phone or activity tracker gadget to record your various exercise activities.

It notes down your speed, pace, elevation and shows you live statistics of your running, walking and cycling using the collected data.

The app allows you to set various goals such as number of steps, time, distance run and number of calories burnt.
This app is perfect for home use and has seamless integration with Android wear.

It is free to use and comes without any ads! Thank you Google.
Get this fantastic app here-

JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight lifting, Gym Planner

For you bodybuilding champions among us, JEFIT Workout Tracker is the perfect gym trainer and fitness tracking app which has free fitness training programs to help you keep fit and make big gains out of your training sessions.

This app has over 1300(wow!) exercises that are detailed and it even includes animated sequences which show you how to do them properly with form.

With fitness tracking, reports on progress, rest timer, workout logs and the ability to set goals, this app comes chock full of value and even allows you to sync your data with the cloud. What’s more, you can even use this app offline without the internet.

The app also has the ability to make customised workout schedules and is almost as good as a professional physical therapist for you.
It is user friendly and is free with some ads and in app purchases.

Get this fantastic app here –

Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans

Nike Training club is definitely one of the top fitness apps and what’s more, it is completely free and has zero ads or in-app purchases.

It has 160 workouts with three difficulty levels and focuses on strength training, endurance training and mobility.
The app offers targeted exercises which focus on your abs, triceps, shoulders and other areas.

It is unique because you can stream the app on to your TV using HDMI, Apple TV or Chromecast. It comes with the standard ability to keep a tab on your fitness activities and running, cycling and even playing games like basketball and so on.
Get this fantastic app here –

Home Workout- No Equipment

Dont want to spend tons of money on an expensive gym workout but still want to be fit? We have you covered.
The Home Workout app can help you make gains and lose weight right at your home and you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to.

It contains over 100 precise, easy to understand video and animated guides. The workouts are all professionally designed and focus on the areas most in demand such as abs, chest , arms but also include some full body workouts.

It is good for beginners as it includes several warmups and stretching exercises along with progress reports, reminders and statistical charts. You are also able to make your own fitness routines. The app is free and has in-app purchases.

You can download it here

These were our top 5 apps to help you stay fit, live healthy and achieve your weight loss goals.
We hope you enjoyed reading and we wish you a good day.

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