Mental Health at Work

Switch off Once you Leave Work: Mental Health

In this article, we explain how to improve mental health.

For some of us, our jobs can be a pain in the neck. Many people wake up to go to their offices not because they love what they do but only because it is the only way to settle their bills, put food on the table and so on. Work stress is so high that it has been rated the most top stressor in the world.

Over 65 percent of workers suffer from workplace stress while 34% are having difficulties to sleep due to the stressful baggage they carry from their office. Some people have even developed illnesses, and others lost their lives out of the pressure they encounter at their workplace. The worst problem is, many people don’t know how to deal with the problem.

The worst happens when we carry our baggage from the office to our houses. Without our knowledge, this becomes a problem not only for us but also to our loved ones at home. For you to live long and be sober enough to live your social life, you need to take a few health measures some of which are:

Don’t bring your problems home with you

We’ve heard people say “a problem shared is half-solved.” For this reason, many of us tend to carry our disappointments and frustrations at our workplace either to our spouses or those we live with.  However, if this becomes part of our daily routine, it can be very detrimental to our health and relationship.

Leave all the dramas and work-related issues at your office door and set your mind to new and better things outside the four walls of your office. At the end of the day, there is more to life than the pains and frustrations your mean workmate caused you during your lunch or tea break.

It is also imperative to understand that, although your spouse might seem to be concerned about it all, he/she would be more delighted if you came up with a different topic. Always remember you are not the only one having work stress, so give your social life with your partner time too.

Be free enough to discuss things with your boss

The dream and goal of every supervisor are having happy, healthy and performing juniors at any given time. If you are unhappy or stressed, you will never be able to perform at your best. Other than whining and complaining and feeling like nobody cares, it would be wise to sit your boss down and discuss things with him or her. If you have too much work on your table, he might reassign or hire extra staff to lessen the workload for you. 

At the same time, if it is another staff that is making your life hell, the boss might sit them down and find out what the problem is. So don’t carry the burden to your home, instead, take it to your boss because he is in a better place of dealing with it that your spouse. 

Get a hobby

Nothing would work best in relieving your stress of the day like doing what you love the best. Identify a hobby that you can do a few days in a week if not every evening and adhere to the timetable. It would, however, be more profitable if you went for a hobby that will positively influence your life.

Watching TV with a glass of wine might be really cool, but if not controlled, it might lead to alcoholism. On the other hand, hitting the gym or joining a golf club, will be not only fun but also healthy. You can opt to get into a competitive sport that will bring help you jog your mind a little.

Take time to reassess your job prospects

Many people are so afraid of losing their job that they live enclosed in a routine lifestyle without any progress. It takes courage to resign from a position that is only stressing you up with no tangible benefits. Maybe all you need is to change your career, and all your pain and frustrations will come to an end.

Always remember that life has a lot to offer. Never allow your job to bring your life to an end. You only have one brain, so it is your responsibility to take care of your mental health and ensure you remain sober at all times. The truth is, you wouldn’t die if you lost your job so, be strong enough to kiss it goodbye if that is what it takes to be happy in life!

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